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The platform PROVADEMSE

PROVADEMSE is the technological innovations platform of INSAVALOR, the subsidiary of valorization of the INSA (Applied Sciences National Institute) of Lyon. Our experts help and support the development of ecotechnologies in being a linking unit between research and industry. We develop and experiment technical and innovative solutions regarding the remediation of soils and sediments, as well as the waste repurposing into materials and energy. Certified by the competitiveness cluster AXELERA in 2008, PROVADEMSE has been highly supported since its creation by the Ministry of Industry, DRRT, the Region Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne, the Metropole of Lyon and the FEDER funds.

Our mission


As specialists of technological innovation, our goal is to make the emergence of new technical and innovative solutions in depollution and new resources production easy. Our expertise is serving communities and companies in eco-strategies in long term vision.

Our values

Motivated by our respect for the environment, the whole team at PROVADEMSE works to put technological innovation at the service of sustainable development. Our experts commit to propose quality studies with a good response, along with personalized support to their customers, starting from an analysis of their needs to the implementation of the solution.

Our means


Our technological platform has substantial equipment available for studies from a laboratory scale to a trial scale. This allows us to carry on to the industrialization scale. With 30 years of experience in the field of the ecotechnologies, our team is highly qualified and benefits from a European acknowledgement. PROVADEMSE provides the skills of engineers, researchers and technicians on one hand, and technical resources, laboratories, testing platforms and equipment on the other. Furthermore, we have privileged access to the knowledge, savoir-faire and skills of the national as well as European academic and industrial network.

300 projects



30 years


of expertise

15 highly qualified
Our story
With the financial support of

PROVADEMSE is cofinanced by the European Union. Europe commits in France with the European Regional Development Fund.

And the scientific link with the research networks
Member of the competitiveness cluster
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