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Environmental characterization
Industrial and Territorial Ecology
Environmental Technology Verification
Caractérisation environnementale

Environmental characterization

- From the sampling on sites to the interpretation of the results -

To determine the potential of valuation or the optimal way of treatment(processing) of waste, a ground or a sediment, we use the essential stage of characterization. Our aims are numerous : from the analysis of the characteristics and the composition of the material(subject),to the study of the behavior and the interactions of a pollutant, and, finally, to define its potential impacts on the environment and organisms.

Don’t hesitate to contact our representatives :

Soils, sediments and dangerous waste : Mohamed ABDELGHAFOUR

Non-dangerous waste : Jeanne BONNET et Bernard SARRAZIN


- Ecotoxic effects on body and ecosystems -

Thanks to this scientific discipline, PROVADEMSE estimates the effects of ecotoxic agents of pollutant emissions on the aquatic ecosystems and soils. At first in laboratories, the biotries consist in putting organisms on contact with environment matrices, i.e polluted soils, waste water, leachates, wastes… Our purpose is to quantify the level of toxicity of these matrices on organisms, representing characteristic species of the aimed environments.

Don’t hesitate to contact our representative : Christine BAZIN


"Environmental Technology Verification"

- Support eco innovations towards the international recognition of their performance -

Have you developed an eco innovation? Do you want to gain the confidence of purchasers and accelerate its penetration on European and international markets?

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is an international program of recognition and promotion of the performance and environmental added-value of innovative environmental technologies supported by the European Commission. We help you build a relevant verification file of your technology from the R&D stages, to increase the chances of a successful verification at lower costs. For that purpose, we rely on an expertise and an important anteriority in the field of the eco-innovations, in particular with Jacques Méhu's participation to the group of experts of the European Commission in charge of the ETV since 2013, who is the PROVADEMSE’s scientific director!

Our personalized support is based on a methodology developed in collaboration with our partner PRISM Environnement (for the New Region Aquitaine), with the funding of ADEME, including the following steps: 

- A phase of pre-assessment during which we check the eligibility issues of your technology and the match between the objectives of your company and the ETV

- A phase of diagnosis and analysis on the basis of a dedicated referential

  • The definition and the implementation of an action plan with the aim of establishing a quality application file ETV

The cost of this support is eligible for your project INNOV’R in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region. It is also eligible to the innovation incentive from the ADEME, and in several programs of R&D of the SME (AP Graine, H2020, FUI...).

Don’t hesitate to contact our representative : Cendrine DUBUISSON

And to download our form offers!

Écologie industrielle et territoriale


Industrial and Territorial Ecology

- A new way for economic and ecological development -

Industrial ecology (IE) proposes a vision of the industrial system as a complete unit and tends to represent it as an ideal ecosystem with balanced functioning. The terms industrial and territorial ecology (ITE) refer to the territorial aspect of the industrial ecology approach, and therefore, is not limited to the industrial players of the territory, but also includes other parties, such as local authorities, communities, consumers, etc.

Our offer of Industrial and territorial Ecology aims to develop offers of scenarios adapted to the matters at stake, the objectives and the potential of a specific territory. Thanks to the mobilization of the concerned actors, who are successful local partnerships, we analyze the flows of material, water and energy. All the members of the PROVADEMSE team apply themselves in order to build innovative strategies of sustainable development, based on the optimization of resources flow in a specific territory.

Don’t hesitate to contact our representative : Jacques MÉHU

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